How to go about creating more dynamic, visual, unconventional user interfaces?

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Hi everybody,

so far I developed one app with Xamarin, which was a great experience, all in all. Nethertheless, I'm still quite fresh in regard to both Xamarin and app development in general.
The next app I'm aiming for will require me some 'freedom' and 'flexibility' in regard to the layout of the app and its contents. Think, for example, like a mind-mapping app with a freely navigatable, potentially unlimited space and dynamic rendering of its contents. This is not what I have in mind, actually, but I guess it would be equally hard to realize in terms of Android XML layouts (But perhaps I underestimate those?).
How would one go about realizing cross-platform apps like this? Is it something one would use a games-related engine/API like MonoGame for?
Or, while looking into MonoGame I stumbled upon SkiaSharp, a 2D drawing API. Is this something I should look deeper into?
Or are there other libraries/APIs/approaches recommendable for creating visually rich, dynamic user interfaces?

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