UWP DynamicResource not working properly

I'm having a problem when using DynamicResource. I'm trying to change the BackgroundColor to a resource I defined in my project:

<Application.Resources> <ResourceDictionary MergedWith="light:LightThemeResources"> <Color x:Key="rightBubbleColor">#0060A8</Color> [...]

Here is where I use a DynamicResource on "rightBubbleColor":
<StackLayout VerticalOptions="Center"> <ContentView HorizontalOptions="Center" VerticalOptions="Center" HeightRequest="14" WidthRequest="14" Opacity="0.85" BackgroundColor="{DynamicResource rightBubbleColor}" Rotation="45" > </ContentView> </StackLayout>

When I use StaticResource instead, it works perfectly fine. This problem only occurs in UWP, it works for iOS and Android with DynamicResource.

Is this a Xamarin bug?


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