How to migrate/update to never version of Xamarin.Forms?

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Hello everyone,

I have some xamarin.forms 1.xx( I dont know which version) project on multiple platforms Android and iOS. And I've been asked to upgrade it to the maximum available right now version of xamarin.forms.
Therefore, I have 2 questions:
1) How to determine which version of forms I'm using right now (I'm working in Windows environment using Visual Studio 2015 )
2) How to migrate/update to newest version of forms? I have no idea how the result of that kind of operation supposed to look like, cuz I have never done anything like this before in my life. And what the best practices are?


P.S. Really appreciate any help of yours

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  • PetrGusevPetrGusev USMember

    @BenPi so, generally, all I have to do is update Xamarin.Forms package? And than go all over the code and change my code according to release notes changes? Of course, after brunch from my develop

  • BenPiBenPi USUniversity ✭✭
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    As far as I am aware that is what it comes down to. Don't underestimate the changes between 1.x and the latest 2.x version though. You probably have to fix a lot.
    You might want to add some optimization to your code by using some of the added features if you have the time.
    Good luck :smile:

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