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Cell Cache for Moving Rows

Hi everyone!

So I'm a newbie and mostly work on Xamarin Form's PCL, but I just got MoveRow to work on Xamarin Forms (lol I suck) and noticed the old cache of cells show up if I scroll moved cells offscreen. The same thing happens when I get MoveRow to work on a Xamarin iOS project.

Like if I have a list of 2 items [Item 1, Item 2] in a UITableView, MoveRow Item 1 to switch with Item 2's position, swipe up till Item 2 isn't visible on screen, Item 2 comes back with the text of Item 1. You have to refresh the page to visibly see the 2 items have switched places (otherwise you'll just see 2 "Item 1's" on the screen.

Idk if there is a way to fix it (without automatically refreshing the page when the user finishes editing) whether it's from the native control or from something in Xamarin Forms. Any advice would be helpful!

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