Issues: Picture taking and Image Selection (from Gallery)

Hey all,

The Plugins.Media nuget package is not working on the newest Xamarin builds, not to mention it doesn't allow for image resizing (which causes memory exceeded errors).

So I've been working on custom solutions, and struggling greatly with getting the simple function of taking and returning a resized picture from my Xamarin forms app.
The process is riddled with errors.
Same with the process of simply selecting a photo from the phones gallery, then resizing it in the app for use.

Does anyone know of a complete solution for this?

The requirements are as follows:

  • Xamarin Forms PCL
  • Take photo and resize it in the app (as it needs to be sent to server + displayed in app) - for both Android and iOS
  • Select gallery image and resize it in the app (same reason as above)

XLabs doesn't seem to be supported, and has all sorts of issues with even their basic setup.
Plugin.Media is crashing on iOS and doesn't allow for resizing capabilities anyways.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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