Question about testing local components and libraries

Hey all,
I am currently in the process of making a component which I hope to distribute fairly soon.

I just have a few questions about the xamarin-component and .xam file integration.

1) After I do an MSBuild from my Windows machine; the component generates a multitude of files. namely:
a) App.dll (PCL)
b App.Droid.dll (Android)
However I do not appear to get any files named App.iOS.dll and App.WinPhone.dll and when I try to include the PCL dlls into my sample project, I keep getting null reference exceptions whenever I attempt to call any dependencies.
Is there something I am missing or do I just include my PCL dll in the yaml file and let the build do the rest?

2) There doesnt appear to be any documentation on how to locally install and test the .xam packages generated and no apparent way inside of Visual Studio to integrate them. Is there currently a way to achieve this or do you have to "wing it"?


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