Visual Studio freeze after debug on iPhone

I'm using Visual Studio Professional 2015 and I have a PCL project. When I want to debug on iPhone, the VS freezes. I don't understand why but is is very nonsense.

I can't use keyboard to write code.

Also after freezing I closed the VS (normal closing with "X" icon in windows) and I got this error
Microsoft Visual Studio has detected that an operation is blocking user input. This can be caused by an active modal dialog or task that needs to block user interaction. Would you like to shut down anyway?


  • I am having the same issue. Building for Ad Hoc and then select to Start Without Debug to get it on my iPad. After this I can't use Visual Studio without exiting and restarting it.

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    @CharlesCranford I have solved this problem. I'm right clicking iOS project and select "deploy". VS doesn't freeze anymore.

  • Yes, that works and that is what I was doing - but I rarely need to debug and prefer to run Ad Hoc every time so I am as close to production environment for testing as possible. This issue certainly needs to be resolved by Xamarin ASAP.

  • @aybkekaraarslan I see what you mean now. But I hate having to scroll up to the top of the project (it is very large) to compile/deploy it. Do you know of any way to add this to the main tool bar?

  • aybkekaraarslanaybkekaraarslan USMember ✭✭

    I don't know but maybe you can with configure manager. @CharlesCranford

  • Any word on this? This still happens to us every time on a deploy

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    Depending on the behavior you are seeing, we may want to open a new thread—this one is quite old and may not be relevant for your particular scenario.

    I ran a quick test and was able to deploy a new project from template (Cross Platform App > Blank App > PCL) to an iPhone 6 using Xamarin latest Stable and Visual Studio 2015, and did not experience a hang. A few preliminary information gathering ideas for a new post might include testing whether the issue occurs with a new project from template, a minimized test case, and collecting the call stacks of the Visual Studio process and full version information for both Windows and Mac. Thanks!

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