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Issue after updating to Xamarin iOS 10

ChengHengShaun.1081ChengHengShaun.1081 USMember
edited September 2016 in Xamarin.iOS

Objective-C exception thrown. Name: NSInternalInconsistencyException Reason: Could not load NIB in bundle:

After updating to Xamarin iOS 10, i'm facing the following error above on my xibs. This might be caused by the bundle not getting copied or loaded into iOS simulator. If I did a release into my iPhone device, the problem does not exist. I've tried downgrading my Xamarin iOS back to the 9.xx version and everything works fine.

obj/iPhone/Debug/build-iphone7.2-9.3.1/ibtool/LaunchScreen.nib: error :

Another issue is that this error appears for the first time when I build my project. The subsequent build without cleaning will build as it is without this error.

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