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Background location services

Hi Guys.. I'm using background location service to get the location on device (shown below). This should trigger location update event for every 10 seconds. Some time this is taking more than 20 min to trigger the event. Please help me to solve the problem.

public void StartLocationUpdates()
//we can set different location criteria based on requirements for our app -
//for example, we might want to preserve power, or get extreme accuracy
var locationCriteria = new Criteria();

        locationCriteria.Accuracy = Accuracy.Coarse;
        locationCriteria.PowerRequirement = Power.NoRequirement;

        // get provider: GPS, Network, etc.
        var locationProvider = LocMgr.GetBestProvider(locationCriteria, true);

        // Get an initial fix on location
        LocMgr.RequestLocationUpdates(locationProvider, 10000, 0, this);
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