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Xamin app terminated in simulator after using test recorder. Please help!!

patrickgoodepatrickgoode USMember ✭✭
edited September 2016 in Xamarin.iOS

Just like it says. After I've used test recorder, the simulator will always terminate the app with a log message of "exited due to invalid code signature". I have a feeling it is because of this:

"When recording tests for an iOS application, the Test Recorder will automatically inject a special library called the Test Recorder Plugin into the app bundle (Android apps do not need this library). The Test Recorder Plugin is extra code that allows the Test Recorder to observe the application that is being tested and generated the C# code for the various events. The presence of this library is grounds for the Apple App Store to reject the app bundle; do not submit any IPAs that were used by the Test Recorder to the App Store for distribution."

How do I undo this? I've already uninstalled the app from the simulator, cleaned and rebuilt the project.

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