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Hi all

Apple just rejected my latest app because it crashed on IOS7 when starting, I submitted this app over two weeks ago. How can they expect developers to test against an OS that hasn't been finalised?

Furthermore, the app that was rejected was a rebrand of an app that was submitted the same day, and that first app was approved 10 minutes before this one was rejected! The two apps share the same codebase with a few image and text changes. I just triple checked the startup code of the app and they are identical!

Our customer is not happy and we're confused, why apple :(.

This is part rant and part warning to others who have recently submitted apps, you best test against IOS7!


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    I think the rationale is that apps submitted prior to a certain date are allowed a grace period for iOS 7 support. Updates are allowed for them as well. New apps are required to work with iOS 7.

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    @DaveHunt What is that certain date? Why weren't we made aware of this?

    I'm trawling through this code but can't see any differences, how can one app run without a problem and the other fail :(. I just tested the app that failed on my colleagues phone which is running a version of IOS7 he installed a few weeks ago and I'm having no issues.

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    I don't know what that date is, but given that iOS7 is being released in 5 days, I can only assume that's what this is about.

    As for how it could fail, I don't know. It could be any one of a million things. It's possible that there is a newer version of the iOS7 preview you need to install and test against.

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    iOS 7 betas have been available for months, specifically for developers to test and ensure compatibility to prevent bugs like this. Did you do any testing on the iOS 7 betas? Would your client be happy if the apps were approved and they started getting tons of support emails next week when millions of people upgrade their devices and most of your users get a crash on launch? I'm not sure what the complaint is here. The only issue I'm seeing is that they didn't reject both.

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    @BenjaminBaron We have been testing on the IOS7 betas, admittedly the last time we updated our device was about 4 weeks ago, but the app was submitted just over 2 weeks ago so I didn't think this would be an issue.

    We just updated our device to the latest release and are still having no issues. I have also gone through the code which is executed on startup including my first View controller and they are identical in both apps. My first controller contains 1 image and three buttons, there really isn't a whole lot happening on start up.

  • Sorry about my tone, I had figured that you had not tested on iOS 7 at all yet because it wasn't released. In that case that really sucks. Did they at least provide a crash log for you?

  • ivrusubocaivrusuboca HKMember

    Hi Adrian,

    I assume that your app is built with Xamarin . Also, I assume that - since you submitted it two weeks ago and the iOS7 formal submission started only last week, once the iOS7 GM was released - your Xamarin-based app is contains only iOS6 API.

    And, again, I assume that, since this is a client-facing application, you built it via the stable Xamarin version, not the one that alpha channel features .

    If all my above assumptions are correct, then I can imagine some inconsistencies in Xamarin's compiler which might have triggered unexpected crashes on Apple's side , particularly on iOS7 - I agree with Benjamin - you need some crash logs to figure it out how they tested it . I might be that they used iPhone 5S/5C to test it - which are not available to us, at this moment.

    If your code is pure Xcode ( objective-c ) and you tested with Xcode 5 alpha R6 ( August 21 , I believe - the last version before the GM one ) , then I am puzzled.

    In any case - kindly ask you let us know if how the story ended - it sounds like an interesting experience.

    Regards. Ionut.

  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey GBMember ✭✭✭


    The app is built with xamarin on the stable channel so yes, it has only been built against the IOS6 API.

    This morning I have switched to the Alpha channel and installed the latest release of Xcode5 and IOS7. The crash logs indicate they were testing against iOS 7.0 (11A465) which is what my simulator is now running, and the app starts/runs with no issues.

    I am having issues Symbolicating the crash logs so I can't see exactly what crashed the app, but the test engineer responded to my question and confirmed the app crashed on startup without any user interaction, so I'm really confused.

    In the crash log the hardware model is set to 'XXX', can anyone confirm from old crash logs whether the hardware model would usually be set to something like Iphone4/5? Maybe this is an indication that they are testing on the 5c/5s which would really be bs.

  • ivrusubocaivrusuboca HKMember

    Hi Adrian,

    Thank you very much for the details.

    This is certainly a tricky situation . I assume that, by now, you tested in the simulator against all devices & iOS versions ( 6 & 7 ) , particularly the iOS7 64bit - the one iPhone 5S will have .

    I wonder - were you able to reproduce the crashing - or still not ?

    Regards. Ionut.

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