Missing SDK Platform Android ADPI 24

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Though I am using Visual Studio, I don't think this is a VS issue. I think this is an Android SDK Manager issue. I am not able to build Android apps. This was fine previously but recently began failing. Though experienced with iOS development, I'm new to Xamarin and Android so there is probably just some setting or configuration I am missing. I have updated Xamarin Studio for Mac to the latest. I have installed the Xamarin Studio for Visual Studio (I think that was the number, it was something beyond the .680 I tried last time.) I can build Windows Phone and iOS apps.

When I open a project, VS is showing the warning:

An unexpected error occurred trying to initialize Android Designer. Please verify the Android SDK path and the Java Development Kit path on Tools->Options->Xamarin->Android Settings menu. Please see the logs for more details.

When I open Android SDK Manager, it shows a number of packages for API 24 which are not installed. When I click [Install 13 packages] it displays the screen for accepting the licenses. After doing so, it shows a message:

Package 'ARM 64 v8a System Image, Android API 24, revision 7' depends on 'Missing SDK Platform Android, API 24'

If I go to "Packages > Reload" I see errors:

Failed to fetch URL https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/repository-10.xml, reason: IO Unknown Host http://dsproxy.cdk.com/epproxy.pac

In SDK Manager, when I go to "Tools > Options..." I see nothing in the Proxy Settings, so I assume this is a proxy issue. But I can't see how to supplly a proxy script for the connection only a server and a port.



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