Cannot launch app on iPhone 7 device

I am trying to launch my Xamarin.Forms app on a new iPhone 7 from Visual Studio with the latest stable release of Xamarin installed. Everything builds fine and the PC is connected to my Mac. I even get this message in the debug ouput window, "Launch succeeded. The app 'OneEvent.Mobile.Install.iOS' has been successfully launched on 'iPhone 7'." However, it does not even install the app on this phone so there is no app to even launch. Works fine on my iPhone 6S+ running iOS 10. Is anyone else having this issue? Any work around?


  • benamorbenamor USMember

    I almost have the same problem. In my case it install the app but it It remains stuck in the splash screen and after that i can't do anything with my phone, i m obliged to reboot the iPhone. Any work around plz?

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