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can build Debug .apk for shared project

eoinaherneoinahern USMember
edited September 2016 in Xamarin.Android

Hi, Iam trying to create a debug .apk to use in my UITests folder for android.

    public class Tests
        IApp app;
        Platform platform;

    public void BeforeEachTest()
         app = ConfigureApp.Android.StartApp();


I want to link to it in my BeforeEachTest method buy passing in the string file location. At the minute I clean and rebuild the Droid folder in the shared project. then, I look inside in bin/Debug for the unsigned .apk. but alas none is created??

changed the dir to show hidden folders but its still not there. Also in the debug output when I build it says the .apk is being created? I am using vs 2015? Can anyone tell me how to get my hands on the debug .apk as my 2 uitests are failing at the minute.

been following this tutorial

and trying to emulate how he sets up the tests but just for the android side as tests for ios are already in place. Thanks for your insight.

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