I need help with: searching through a list of buttons

Hello, I would like to search through a list of buttons. I tried to use your video for that purpose too but I didnt fingured it out how to do it with buttons.
here is my code.
private readonly List exercisesList = new List();
public example()
SearchBar searchBar = new SearchBar();
Button button= new Button { Image = “icon”, Text = “Biceps Curl”, HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.Fill,
//Searchbar function.
searchBar.SearchButtonPressed += (sender, args) =>
string keyWord = searchBar.Text; IEnumerable searchResult = exercisesList.Where(button => button.Text.ToLower().Contains(keyWord.ToLower()));
//Defining the StackLayout.
StackLayout stackLayout = new StackLayout
Padding = new Thickness(5,Device.OnPlatform(0,20,0), 5, 0),
//Adding the views to the stackLayout.
Content = new ScrollView
Content = stackLayout, };
Additional information;
The listview doesnt shows real buttons just a text that says: “xamarin.forms.Button”. If I click on it nothing happens- the searching functions(I know the text of the button and then I search it and its been found) but the button has no function and isnt a button it looks like a normal label
Thanks in regards!

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