Trying to use Monkey Robotics to communicate with my SensorTag™ but StartScanningForDevices fails


I am trying to use Monkey Robotics to get all the BLE devices but I simply can't start a scan to receive a list of all the devices. Even the examples provided by Monkey Robotics fails. Maybe it has something to do with my VM android phone not enabling bluetooth? I haven't tested iphone. My VS debugger open up asking for the destination of a 'SyncContext.cs' file. Afterwards it ends with a null pointer. This is my code


private IAdapter adapter; public TestPage(IAdapter adapter) { InitializeComponent(); this.adapter = adapter; } public void ScanDevices(object senderr, EventArgs es) { adapter.DeviceDiscovered += (sender, e) => { if (e.Device.Name != null) { } }; adapter.ScanTimeoutElapsed += (sender, e) => { adapter.StopScanningForDevices(); }; if (adapter.IsScanning) // stop with previous scans { adapter.StopScanningForDevices(); } adapter.StartScanningForDevices(Guid.Empty); }


 protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)
            TabLayoutResource = Resource.Layout.Tabbar;
            ToolbarResource = Resource.Layout.Toolbar;


            global::Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init(this, bundle);

            LoadApplication(new App());

        void SetAdapter()
            var adapter = new Robotics.Mobile.Core.Bluetooth.LE.Adapter();
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