Adding Amazon Map / Google Play Services Support

Hi -

I've got an older app that we are looking at adding Amazon support for. We're currently using the Google Play Services and Google Map V2 - and I understand that we'll need to replace these with Amazon's own libraries to get the mapping capabilities to work.

I've dug through some searches and have found that there's an Amazon Map V2 API.

I've noticed that there are no binding library/components for Amazon's Map for Xamarin in the component store - but did track down the libraries from Amazon (Apps & Games Services SDKs) - :

  • only Amazon App Purchasing
  • and Amazon Mobile Ads

I did locate this one on github:

So I'll try that first

My other option I assume is to bind the library myself - but if I remember correctly this was a pain in the but (I believe I had to do this for the Google Play Services a few years ago). Maybe it's easier now? I just remember all sorts of conflicts and template resolutions...

I would really like to just migrate the current app to Amazon's appstore by just cloning it, dropping in the new libraries, and changing the using statements - rather than spending the time now to rewrite and update the app. It's been a while and I'm just now jumping back into Xamarin - is this even doable anymore?




  • SagarPanwalaSagarPanwala USMember ✭✭✭

    @jmemax : any update on this ?

  • jmemaxjmemax USMember ✭✭

    Unfortunately no :( We opted to not support Amazon. We had more issues with trying to get the app working under Amazon than just the map (Google Play Services, Map, Push Notifications, etc..). We may revisit it at some point, but we've got higher priorities at the moment. It did not appear to be a simple update.

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