Xamarin Mobilizer Tool Error

wesmantoothwesmantooth USMember ✭✭

I am porting a large WPF app to Xamarin, and need to give a rough estimate of the amount of code that can be reused.

I found a reference to this promising tool at https://blog.xamarin.com/porting-existing-net-apps-to-four-mobile-platforms-with-pcl/ under the section:

Scan Code for Mobilization

Unfortunately the link to the tool now points to a shared projects application fundamentals tutorial, but I was able to find a route to the tool using Google at https://mobilizer.xamarin.com/

When running the tool, I get a server error which leads me to believe this tool is actually no longer available.

Can someone tell me if this tool is working, or if there are any other resources for giving the estimate?

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