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Sept 28 | Microsoft Webinar Series: Cross platform mobile development using Xamarin

Microsoft webinar: Building cross platform Mobile Applications using Xamarin

After a successful first webcast in the series it is time to announce part two: Building Cross Platform Mobile Applications using Xamarin.
You can register for this webcast using the following link:

This webcast will focus on two different approaches to cross platform development with Xamarin. We will take a look at two ways to increase the level of code sharing in the demo app we use in this series. The first approach is using MvvmCross to share more code but still have a native UI's and after that we will look at another approach by going a step further by also create a shared UI with Xamarin Forms.

Part one:
If you mist the first webcast you can watch the recording using the following link:

Part three:
The final webcast will be on Oct 12 11:00 – 12:00 CET and will be about: Mobile Dev Ops powered by Xamarin and Microsoft.

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