Xamarin entry input box not working with while doing scanning with bluetooth barcode scanner

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Hi Team,

I have been using Xamarin platform for a UWP application and I have been facing one issue while using an Entry input box. The issue is regarding scanning. While I am scanning with a Bluetooth barcode scanner the entry complete event is firing twice and even getting stuck while scanning with a barcode scanner. Rest of it, my barcode scanner is completely new and the Project is shared with Xamarin.Forms. I have been using single code that is working fine in iPhone and Android but in Windows Phone it's a big issue.

I am also attaching my page of code which one I am using inside app.

Please provide the solution for it, I am fed up with it. No solution is finding out.



  • PawanVermaPawanVerma USMember
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    Even Entry focus and unfocused also not work properly

  • PawanVermaPawanVerma USMember
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    if you need sample code I will give you pls share with me your email address

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