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how to sort/filter list view without refreshing it?

merbsmerbs PHMember ✭✭
edited September 2016 in Xamarin.Android

I binded an intent in every item in my list view..using putExtra but when I sort the list view it seems that the binding of my data doesnt follow.. I dont know what to do im stuck here for days, as I asked in forums, many people suggested me to use recycler view or xamarin forms because they told me its easier to do it using those. I would love to study those. believe me, I Just dont have the time, our project is almost done. But I plan to use those on our next semester.

my code so far:

          if (id == Resource.Id.sortZtoA)
                        filteredMountains = (mMountains.OrderByDescending(mountain => mountain.MtName).ToList());
                        mAdapter = new MountainsAdapter(this, Resource.Layout.ml_model, sortZtoA); //code to refresh list view
                        mListView.Adapter = mAdapter;
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