Android Emulator and "Custom Locale" Causes XF To Fail To Localize Perminantly

RaymondKellyRaymondKelly USMember ✭✭✭

I have been testing my app with different languages in the emulator. When I change the language in the normal "Settings" everything works fine. However, when I need a language not listed, I add it through "Custom Locale". Lets say Finnish or Hebrew for example. After adding and selecting it, the emulator changes languages, however my app fails to localize. The droid dependency service "Localize : MyApp.ILocalize" no longer gets called. Restarting VS and the Emulator has no effect, I can no longer switch to ANY languages, only the default is used (using English in my default resource file). The only fix is to delete the emulator and create a new one.

I dont know if this is the emulator or XF. Has anyone else run into this?



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