UrhoSharp Forms hide and show surface

Hey All,

I am trying to show 1 Urho Application on multiple pages of the App. It is part of a Xamarin Forms app.

I can see on the UrhoSurface, that you can only create a new UrhoApplication - via show. With that in mind, and considering we use the navigation stack, i was planing to not keep recreating the app as it takes some time to load and leave the UrhoSurface on the page and push and pop it off the stack. The problem i have with this, the UrhoSurface is never set back as the render window. The UrhoApp is running in the background but not rendering to the screen - it is just black (on iOS).

Conversely if i try to recreate the app, i call Exit on the app when i remove it from the screen, then call show again when i push the page to the screen. This results in a failure - "Failed to create OpenGL ES drawable".

Is there any way i can get the UrhoSurface to re-attached on push, or does anyone have any tips on how to correctly exit the UrhoApp so that i can recreate my app. I would much prefer to reatached, but i suspect this requires an update to UrhoForms.


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