Do a full backup before you upgrade to the latest Xamarin Stable Release for Visual Studio 2015

I just installed the Xamarin Stable Release (Sept 13, 2016). The Xamarin update appeared to go well, but following the update and reboot, the compiler complained about version conflicts of some sort. After Googling for a solution and finding old posts, I checked for updates and found a Visual Studio 2015 update that I applied. After reboot, the compiler was still complaining about version conflicts, so I ran Android SDK Manager and saw a few updates. I opted to install the updates and that's where the problems really began. The updates failed, complaining about an inability to rename/move the ...\tools folder. Visual Studio 2015 was closed, so I tried disabling Windows Defender, but no luck. The SDK Manager failed in such a way that after closing Android SDK Manager, it would not run again. I manually reinstalled the latest Android SDK Manager and am now in the process of re-installing all of my SDKs. At this point, if this doesn't work, I'm going to revert to the full system backup that I did (fortunately) prior to starting this latest update.


  • TonyCeliaTonyCelia USMember ✭✭

    Manually reinstalling the Android SDK Manager and reinstalling the SDKs appears to have worked. The 'version conflicts warning' (more text below) is still there, so I'm just choosing to ignore it for now. Following the warning instructions to 'double-click this warning...' eliminates the warning until the next rebuild, where the warning appears again.

    Version conflict warning:
    Found conflicts between different versions of the same dependent assembly. In Visual Studio, double-click this warning (or select it and press Enter) to fix the conflicts; otherwise, add the following binding redirects to the "runtime" node in the application configuration file: <assemblyIdentity name="System.Runtime" culture="neutral" ....

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