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Xamarin Studio - Segue on storyboard not working

I have been using Xamarin inside of Visual Studio for a little while now but I thought I would give Xamarin Studio a go on my mac.

All is well until I try to create a segue on the storyboard.

I have two view controllers, one being the main one. I add a button then CTRL drag from the button to the second view controller. In VS this works great however in Xamarin Studio when I release the button the segue menu pops up and closes instantly not allowing me to select the desired option.

Has anyone come across this before? If so, how did you resolve it?

Thanks in advance.



  • I am also having an issue with this. How do we get this to work?

  • Jordan_HarrisJordan_Harris USMember
    edited December 2016

    I just answered this here and it was also answered here. It's a shame that this bug hasn't been fixed. It seems to be the same in VS for Mac. Do you know about this bug Xamarin/Microsoft?

    You need to disable Force Click and haptic feedback for this to work.

  • SkaroSkaro GBMember

    I also have to exit fullscreen with this setting turned off for the menu to appear properly. Seems like this isn't on anyone's radar given its five months since you guys first posted about it!

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