Listview images don't load on android

arkark USMember

I have a listview with almost hundred entries. all have images which source coming from url. works very well on ios but on android emulator, very few images load at first and others(not all) show up after navigating around. When trying to run on phone, it is worse. while navigating random images show and disappear some times. How can I cache image?
tried resizing images. it did not help. tried task.delay which seem to help on emulator. Anyone have an idea, what could be wrong?
Does free space on phone makes any difference?


  • arkark USMember

    I tried using ffimageloading nuget and cashed image instead of image and it works. that is great. so image loading problem is solved.
    but there is still one problem, when at first, the page is loaded, it shows labels matching the entities but no images. if i navigate back and forth images appear. Again when I scroll down, same thing happens. no images at first and appear when I navigate away and visit again(no scrolling up down works).

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