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Can you add project-wide tools to refactor namespaces/files ?

Hello Xamarin Community/Devs,

First of all, thank you for making that awesome tool.
I noticed that in your source analysis you have a pretty decent support for the link between file hierarchies and namespaces, which can be set in the project/solution options.
However, there is no groaning associated with it, nor any way to automatically correct it within files. More importantly, there's no way to apply a namespace naming policy to an entire project/solution/folder.
In addition, we have a nice way, through a contextual completion suggestion, to move declared types into new files, and to rename files according to their underlying classes. However, this feature isn't applicable to entire folders/projects/solutions either.

Would it be possible to add this feature? It does seem to me that most of the building blocks for it are already there and that this would be a minute yet extremely time-saving feature to add.

Many thanks,

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