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Looking for guidance on Porting .net project to Mono - Cross-platform Build

Goal: Take existing .net project ---> make it cross-platform and packable for Linux, Mac and Windows.

I have been trying to get specifics on porting .net application to native Mac, Linux, and Windows. I have come up with using possibly using gtk as the gui, but am un-sure how to either import all the .net libraries into an Xamarin project to use the same libraries.

Noticed there is a MonoMac (but this just seems to be for native applications, not importing or converting), I found MoMA, but am unsure that can convert the code and compile appropriately for native exe, dmg, or deb packages.

Just looking for additional guidance on this one. Thanks in advance for any help any one has to offer!


  • trijezdcitrijezdci CHMember

    It largely depends on your target audience, but in general terms, I would advise against using GTK for any serious application to be deployed on MacOS X. Applications built using GTK do not have the native look and feel. Mac users generally don't like that and they tend to shun such applications.

    I would use GTK on the Mac for something like a configuration tool for some GUI less software like a server. That's the kind of thing where Mac users would be more forgiving, especially when there is no native alternative available. They will then likely conclude that an odd looking GUI is better than no GUI at all.

    However, if it is an application that is used on a regular basis and users will spend quite a bit of time using it, they will want a native GUI on the Mac. Of course, you could start out building a GTK based application but abstract it well enough so you can port the GUI layer to Cocoa and release a native version at a later time.

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