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License Problem + Tight Deadline

Hi all,

Can someone please address this issue as I have contacted [email protected] and they haven't got back. I have an upcoming deadline to meet and MonoTouch has suddenly stopped compiling due to a license error. I have MonoTouch 6.0 Enterprise subscription bought from Component Source but Xamarin Studio refuses to compile the project. The Billing History for my account under also shows nothing.

The project was running under MonoDevelop before. Then I installed the latest updates. After that the project fails to build with the error:

“This version was released after your subscription expired (20/04/2013 23:59:59). (MT9000)”

This happens on both MonoDevelop as well as Xamarin Studio.

Is a different license needed to build the project?


  • I have this exact same problem, including the deadline. Mine is due to the fact that my license is the old style that used a key. I've also contacted Xamarin but only a few minutes ago, if you've had nothing from them then I won't hold out hope.

    Have you had this sorted yet? Any clues you can give me?

  • Yeah I got a reply late Friday evening. They've linked the old MonoTouch licence with my Xamarin account so that it builds fine. You should get reply soon. The guy who replied me was on holiday that's why he couldn't get back earlier.

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