ACR Reactive BluetoothLE Plugin

AllanRitchieAllanRitchie CAInsider, University ✭✭✭

Easy to use, cross platform, REACTIVE BluetoothLE Plugin for Xamarin (Windows UWP COMING SOON)

This is an early preview version. API subject to change. Contributors Welcome!

  • Scan for Devices
  • Read/Write Characteristics & Descriptors
  • Subscribe to Characteristic notifications



  • pthaipthai Member

    I'm new in Xamarin. When I try to deploy your application in Samsung Nexus i have an error at
    RequestPermissions(new String[]
    }, 0);
    here the message:

    Java.Lang.NoSuchMethodError: no non-static method "Landroid/app/Activity;.requestPermissions([Ljava/lang/String;I)V"

    Can you help me to solve it.

    Thank you

  • AllanRitchieAllanRitchie CAInsider, University ✭✭✭

    @pthai That is a Xamarin issue that occurs occasionally on a build. Try a clean/rebuild. If that doesn't work restart VS. If it still doesn't work, delete all of your bin/obj folders and try one last time.

    Please try to keep questions here related to the library going forward.

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