What happens to the samples directories in downloaded components

I just shipped my first Forms app to the Apple and Google app stores. It uses a few components that I downloaded from the Xamarin component store using the functionality in the IDE. I just got a query from someone about why the Android version of the app needs the external storage permission. I was a bit confused since the only permissions I had in the manifest were related to network and internet. But I found that inside the /components/ directory in my app's project there are samples directories in each of the components there. One had a manifest requesting the external storage permission.


  • why would sample code be embedded in something that's packaged and included in the project in the way components are, from the store reached in the IDE?
  • Is the compiler supposed to remove these sample directories?
  • Is this just a newb (yes, that's me) question?
  • Can I just remove the directories and recompile?
  • If the compiler is not including the samples directories, where else this might be coming from? I'm using the Settings plugin but I didn't see anything in the docs there about needed permissions.

Any ideas?

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