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SignalR connecting slow since updating Xamarin.Android


I recently suffered some problems with my Xamarin Studio, so I uninstalled everything that is used with Xamarin Studion and installed the newest version with the "XamarinInstaller".

I now had the problem, that I'm using SignalR as a client in one of my Android applications and since I had performed the update, connecting to my server application takes about 12 seconds. Before the update it was connecting immediately.

So my solution now was to install an older Version of Xamarin.Android for Windows (Version 4.0.3 - Mar 31,2016) and now SignalR connects almost immediately again.

I have not found any other question dealing with this problem. So is there any other solution to this problem, so that I can use the update again?

Please let me know if you need more information or something else is unclear!

Here is my stackoverflow-question with code that i wrote before figuring out that the update was the problem:

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