How to change font size of listitems of a custom picker?

Hi guys,

I have the next renderer of a picker:

` public class BindablePickerRenderer : PickerRenderer

    protected override void OnElementChanged(ElementChangedEventArgs<Picker> e)

        if (Control != null)

            TextView label = (TextView)Control;

            BindablePicker picker = this.Element as BindablePicker;
            var pickerStyle = new Style(typeof(Picker))
                Setters = {
                    new Setter {Property = Picker.BackgroundColorProperty, Value = Color.Blue},
                    new Setter {Property = Picker.TextColorProperty, Value = Color.Gray},

            //picker.TextColor = Color.Blue;
            picker.Style = pickerStyle;
            label.TextSize = picker.HeaderTextSize;
            label.Text = picker.Title;



I can change the textSize of the title but the Items of list to select one value are so tiny.

Which is the correct way for customizing this?

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