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What is the best way to show pdf inside the Android app?

I've to show the pdf inside the app that comes from server and I'm using MU pdf to do the same but somehow I'm not satisfied with mu pdf 1) because of large size around 4MB
Is there any other way to show pdf inside the app which are free to use as there are some packages but they are licensed !


  • TireDevTireDev AUMember

    From personal experience, most of the stable and reliable options are licensed. On iOS, it's a breeze because you're able to just throw it in a WebView and call it a day. Android not so much.

    As a suggestion, I definitely recommend not relying on another application to handle the PDF. There's a whole bunch of issues when you start going down that path. It's frequently suggested that you cycle through the defaults and send it the default's way. I don't believe this is a great solution.

    I'm definitely interested in seeing if someone has a nice and free solution to this.

  • SuperCDSuperCD USMember ✭✭

    iOS its pretty straightforward . I've been using Askaiser.Android.Mupdf to display the pdf inside my app though it fullfill the some of my functionality but I'm liking it first because of its size which is close to 4MB second doesnt have lot of options to ease the pdf so was looking out to for something cool but free.

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