launchscreen storyboard/images affect screen resolution(font,layout) ?

I have an iOS app setting LaunchScreen storyboard to use an image, it works fine on iOS8.4~9.3 simulator, also fine on device with iOS8.4, but it shows black screen on device with iOS9.4.3, I've not find any property way to fix this(reinstall the app does not help, answers here also not help: iOS 9 Splash screen is black, does anyone has idea for this issue ?

Then, I try to set LaunchScreen images instead of use LaunchScreen storyboard, but the result screen reoslution seems zoomed out, all screen font get larger.

I've also try to not use eighter LaunchScreen storyboard or images, result screen only occupoied part of whole screen. I've take all screenshot as below, does anyone has suggestion on the issues ?

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