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Implementing Publisher Subscriber Model with WCF

Hello everyone. I am new to this community and I am seeking your advice.

I would like to create a Publisher Service hosted in a cloud or on a local machine. It would expose a WCF duplex service. Then, I want to create subscribers (clients) that consume the Publisher Service in Xamarin (for now only on Android).

System flow:
1. Host publisher service.
2. Client Android Application is being launched and connects to the Publisher Service. The Publisher Service registers the WCF Callback Contract of the client.
3. At some point, publisher calls Publish() and sends a callback request to all its clients to take a photo, and send it back to the PublisherService to be stored.

Can this system be achieved using Xamarin? I read that Xamarin didn't support the duplex pattern. How is it now? If it is possible, can you please point me to some tutorials / articals regarding this matter?

Thank you in advance.

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