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best way to work with iOS framework/bundle from the C#

MicahHooverMicahHoover USMember ✭✭

I have a vendor SDK for communicating with USB-based smart card readers.

This SDK is iOS based and written in ObjectiveC. It contains its own framework and a bundle.

I have been able to successfully build it into a static library, but it balks in Objective Sharpie. More details here if anyone is interested. Basically it says it can't find an umbrella header and I can't bind with the output because it says it can't find the static library even though it is in the project.

So I'm wondering:

(1) Does anyone know of an existing way to read smart cards on a mobile device?
(2) Is there a way I could interact with the ObjectiveC code without setting up a binding project? (Like some kind of IPC or something)

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