Various troubles with Storyboards

I don't know if there was already a thread addressing these issues. I figured it would be best to just post them and see what people have to say.

I have run into 3 different problems with Storyboards. These seem like things that just should not be happening in a stable release.

This is all a brand new installation on a brand new iMac. All newest versions of the OS and Xamarin. This deals only with iOS storyboards. I haven't built anything for Android yet. For the past 2 months, I've been working with Xamarin as my development tool of choice. For the most part, despite some quirks, it's a great system. However, I have run into a few things that I would like some explanation...

Errors in constraints
If I try to use the constraints, which seems like a great idea, it looks great in the preview. But when it goes out to the Simulator, every last object on the screen ends up at x,y 1,1 (top left corner). The only way around this is to avoid using constraints at all.

I change something in the Widget panel.
This is a case where I tried something simple like, turn on the interactivity on an ImageView. As soon as I compile, I get all sorts of crazy errors. Even reverting back to turning the checkbox off, I still get the errors. There is no point in detailing the errors. They are things like "linking is broken", or "unresolved instance". Stuff that just doesn't even relate to what I was changing.
The only way to fix it is to delete that ImageView, and create a new one.

App crashed and destroyed my Storyboard file.
My favorite one... I was trying to add a new ImageView. The program acted a little strange for a moment, told me it was trying to debug itself, then abruptly crashed. When I reopened the project, the entire Storyboard was gone. I mean, the file was gone completely. I was able to replace it from a backup. But, really... How is that EVER allowed to happen?

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