Intellisense not working ; come on

Guys, working with Xamarin Studio is way beyond frustrating. I am loosing my patience with these releases. A feature is working in one release and then in another it doesn't. I switched to the Alpha 4.1.9 build 6 because of other bugs and now intellisense is just unuseable. First it takes up to 1 minute to come back after you put the dot in and then when it does come back, you get a vast number of choices MOST not in the namespace. I simply wanted a list of methods in Directory in System.IO. What I got was methods from System.NET, Android.hardware, etc. How about NO NEW development in Xamarin Studio until all existing bugs are fixed. I cannot afford the VS plugin and I realize that this IDE is of lesser depth and that's ok but stop breaking what works.


  • RonaldMillerRonaldMiller USMember

    Update: Just rebooted and now I have intellisense working as it was before. Happy but a bit concerned.

  • MikeKrgerMikeKrger DEXamarin Team, Beta Xamurai
    edited August 2013

    I assume that the completion database regenerated.
    We've an indicator icon in the toolbar to show that.

    It's about 8s on my machine - but I've a fast ssd.

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