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Error in Binding an iOS Objective-C Library when run ObjectiveSharpie


I have to use static library (.a) in my Xamarin.iOS project. i am using the below link fot used static library in Xamarin.iOS

In this link i am following step step by step.

We have Correct Fat Binary which has supported all compiler architecture
" Architectures in the fat file: libStaticLibDemo.a are: armv7 armv7s i386 x86_64 arm64”

But still we are not able to generate the CS file of the Universal static library.

i am getting below error in the below command.

chetu-mac-mini24:HotWire POC chetu$ /Users/chetu/Documents/HotWire\ POC/StaticLibDemo-master/StaticLibD
-bash: /Users/chetu/Documents/HotWire POC/StaticLibDemo-master/StaticLibD: No such file or directory
chetu-mac-mini24:HotWire POC chetu$ sharpie bind -output libStaticLibDemo -namespace libStaticLibDemo -sdk iphoneos9.3 /Users/chetu/Documents/HotWire\ POC/StaticLibDemo-master/StaticLibDemo/*.h
Parsing 1 header files...

[write] ApiDefinitions.cs

Submitting usage data to Xamarin...
Submitted - thank you for helping to improve Objective Sharpie!


Amarpal Singh

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