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Hello all,

I am working on a work project In Xamarin forms (version that requires fairly simple map functionality. The functions required are as follows:

On map load centre on users location and place a pin - This works fine using native maps

Allow user to click on the map and it clears the current pins and adds a new pin where user clicked - This is a pain, tried TK custom maps and the events for 'mapclick' don't register, also tried creating a subclass with an extension to add in a tap method, again this event never fired.

That's it, that's all I need, I've looked into creating custom renderers but it appears that XamarinMapOverlay can't be referenced in UWP, and I can't find any further references to it online.

Any help would be appreciated because this shouldn't have to be a stupidly complicated thing to implement, but every time I find a 'solution' it's either not finished, or doesn't work as expected.

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