how to change colors for MasterDetail action bar

Hi guys, still failing when trying to change background color and text color for action bar in the MasterDetail concept (through PCL). I tried a lot of things (including this and still only "ugly" grey background and black text. So, is it possible to change it? I can imagine that it would have been 2-line change, but makes me crazy unable to resolve :-) Thanks for any hints!

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  • czNairikczNairik CZMember
    edited October 2018

    great! thanks! I've put it here and it's working:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <MasterDetailPage xmlns="" 
        <local:HamburgerPage x:Name="hamburgerPage" />
            <NavigationPage BarBackgroundColor="#0E547C" BarTextColor="White">
            <local:HomePage />
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