Xamarin vs Unity 3D

RichardAlanRichardAlan PHMember ✭✭

I'm looking to have a company help me with development of a game / application. This would need to be cross platform and have minimal graphics. What I would looking for with the graphics is some objects moving around a screen. I suppose something like graphics in Flappy Bird.

Can someone comment on how easy this is to achieve with Xamarin. Would I need to use additional software for the graphics? How would developing this compare to using Unity 3D?

Thanks in advance.


  • AndreasReiffAndreasReiff DEUniversity ✭✭

    If it's a game, you would be better off using Unity (or a similar framework).
    Normally, you can distinguish apps pretty well on your own phone, whether they use an app-approach (good via Xamarin, using buttons, lists etc.) or a game-approach (good via Unity, having little text, e. g. in main menu or in-game overlay, and mostly being based on 2d or 3d graphics). Why I say it is on your phone: you will know it, what your project is closest to, and what approach you could do then.
    I think there are ways to mix, but you will hardly ever need it (just about no one else does) and it probably also is not easy.

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