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Archive, Sign with AdHoc, Upload to HockeyApp via script

NealCulinerNealCuliner USBeta ✭✭✭


I use Atlassian Bamboo for CI sitting on a Windows Server with Visual Studio to handle CI and builds attached to a MacBook Pro for the Mac requirement. All works fine for nightly builds, etc. but I want to create a deployment project so all devs can easily upload an AdHoc for device testing. How would I script the ARCHIVE, sign it as AdHoc, and then of course upload it to HockeyApp via API. Has anyone already done work like this they care to share? I use CURL to upload to Insights so I'm guessing it would be similar but the archive and then sign and find that IPA would be the tricky part I haven't pursued yet.

Thank you

P.S. Since Xamarin is now Microsoft and HockeyApp is Microsoft it would be nice to have this baked in to Xamarin Studio and/or publish a process such as this.

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