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Xamarin.Forms.TextCell doesn't Display Details

_Ross_Ross USMember
edited August 2016 in Xamarin.Forms

Hey guys, I've been hunting around for a couple days for anyone that has had this problem haven't found anything. Below I have a basic ListView with TextCell DataTemplate, The Text Property populates as you would expect, the Detail is Nowhere to be found not even a space where it would be. I have tested just throwing a TextCell without binding into a TableView in this project and get the same result. Either I am missing something really basic or it is downright bizare. I have tried flipping the Binding properties and both of them populate in the TextProperty and neither in the DetailProperty. The govTrac ContentPage is pushed to a Navigation page in the calling fuction. I attached a picture of what the listview looks like.

ObservableCollection<CommunicationBase.BindingClass> returnSet = CommunicationBase.ComsClasses.getBindingDataObservable("stuff to get data");
var myTemplate = new DataTemplate(typeof(TextCell));
myTemplate.Bindings.Add(TextCell.TextProperty, new Binding("x.myValue"));
myTemplate.Bindings.Add(TextCell.DetailProperty, new Binding("x.x.x.myValue"));
ContentPage govTrac = new ContentPage();
ListView lv = new ListView();
lv.ItemsSource = returnSet;
lv.ItemTemplate = myTemplate;
return govTrac;


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