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Creating a Bindings Library for Android native Facebook SDK

I'm trying create a Binding Library for the Android's native Facebook SDK. After adding a new project of that type, I added the .aar file ( at the time of this post I have a .zip archive with 4 folders in it which I assume that are about other option that I can use with the base SDK, one of those folders is labeled facebook and inside is the .aar file, a License and Notice files and a samples folder ) to the Jars folder of the Binding Library project and attempted to build.

At this time a bunch of The type or namespace name 'Widget' does not exist in the namespace 'Com.Facebook.Share' (are you missing an assembly reference?) together with some ***X*** does not implement interface member ***Y*** and ***X***: cannot change access modifiers when overriding '***access level***' inherited member ***Y*** pop out and I'm unable to move forward.

Has anyone attempted to do this before? If so, how did you managed to get it working?

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