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Trying to encode a imageView(Xamrin Android)

LuckFreezeLuckFreeze USMember

Hello Gentlemen !
I am new developer in Xamarin platform.

And I have an application already ready in Swift and I am adapting it for Xamarin (for Android, not iPhone).

In my application Swift, I have a code that is encoding an image that I have to make sure my image is light (+ or - 30Kb) using UIImageJPEGRepresentation, compression quality: 0.01. to implement in my database (Parse Server).

I want to encode a imageView to something like: "e6ff9a390ec3dc28d9c35dca41125c0a_file.bin"

How can I do this encoding and decoding in Xamarin ??

Any idea ??.

Can anybody help me ??

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