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ListView is not Scrolling

Hello, I am beginning in Xamarin Forms. I have the following code in my application.

using Xamarin.Forms;

namespace Modulo1
    public class GarconsListPage : ContentPage
        public GarconsListPage()
            var garcons = GetGarcons();
            Content = garcons;

        private ListView GetGarcons()
            var garcons = new ListView();
            garcons.ItemsSource = new string[] {
                "Brauzio", "Asdrugio", "Entencius", "Gesfredio", "Cartucious",
                "Gesfrundio", "Adoliterio", "Kentencio", "Castrogildo", "Gesifrelio"
            return garcons;

When I execute it the list is not scrolling. Can you help me, please?


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