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New to programming....

Joedub1421Joedub1421 USMember

Hey everyone, new user here. My background in IT is network management etc. So not new to the industry but feeling the need for a possible career move. 43 and feeling the need to want to create as opposed to just support. So here are the questions.

Which platform? I want to work with mobile devices mostly but not limited to only.

Languages to choose from? Doing my research it seems js or C# might be the way to go. Opinions?

Native or Framework? My head has exploded, so many options and opinions. Was thinking Xanarim but reading up people seem to have a more hate/love relationship with its short comings. Native seems the way to learn from the ground up. As a beginner learning anything, learn from the bottom up and avoid frameworks?

My goal is to develop apps related to some of my customers industries and make some things easier for them. As well as management apps as a side thing.

I know it's going to be a long road and might not be easy at times but I'm willing to put the work in.


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