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Issues Creating a Nuget Package with sources

PhilippeFauconPhilippeFaucon USMember

I'm trying to create a Nuget package to work with Xamarin. As such I have a project containing a PCL component along with an Android and iOS specific component. The structure is:


  • portable... /
  • MonoAndroid10/
  • Xamarin.iOS10/

This seems to work fine, but I now want to include debug symbols, which are suggested to be dumped in the src/ directory, but upon re-using the src directory for sources from each subproject the build fails. I'd like to have the sources because I'm debugging a communication issue in my main project.

i.e. the lines:
< file src="../ISY.Forms/**/*.cs" target="src" />
< file src="../ISY.Forms.Droid/**/*.cs" target="src" />
< file src="../ISY.Forms.iOS/**/*.cs" target="src" />
cause the build to fail. There is some repetition in the subfolder structure so I'm sure the crash is due to a naming collision, but I'm not sure where to go from here to include the sources (should they just be dumped into lib/* instead?)

Also sorry about sending the message here, I was looking for a nuget forum but I didn't find one.


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